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Hello World!

Welcome to my studio. I'm Mike and this is where I play.

All my life I've been an unlettered graphic designer, illustrator, animator, puppeteer, musician, magician and all around technology nut. I am lettered in computer science and have been doing it for most of my life. But lets not get into that here.

Since I retired in 2008, I have been reliving my dreams. I made a number of projects using quite a few open source tools and programs. Since I still have web servers I used with my company, "Advanced GeoTech, LLC", it was a no brainer to use them to share the results of my labors of love.

So - - Click the movie frames, on the left, to explore some of my old and current projects. This site is a work in progress and will always be, so watch as it grows.
                     Mike G.