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Mike's Daily Animation

As an animator, like any artist, I need to keep myself sharp in all the tools used. Since traditional cell based animation is one area that I love to do and one of the most intensive to work in I felt that I need to keep my skills sharp. Instead of paper and pencil, pen and paint which are expensive, slow and time consuming I decided to use Tradigital. Draw, ink and paint on the computer. Use vector and pixel based art and I would do all the editing and audio on the computer.

Since I am doing many other project and production using 3D and fancy video, stop motion and efx editing I can't put in a whole day to create tradigital too. So I will just tradigitally create a three second piece per day at 24fps. That's 72 frames per day. By the end of this year I would have 26,280 frame, 1,095 second movie. An 18.25 minute cartoon at the end of a year shows how intense this is.

So! Each day I will make a quick 3 second cut and post it on the front page of the wbsite. Then make a final cut and add it to an edited final and post it here so you can see it grow. I'll also put the raw dailies from the front page on a set of archive pages so you can see the old 3sec clips on their own. Be patient, I'm making dalies and creating this section of website at the same time. Of course I'm also doing all the other stuff I work on too. Let's see if I can get this up and running by Feb 10, 2015.


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Jan. 17, 2015

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The links above, are not HOT yet. The outside forces in my life have pilfered my time and I stopped on 1/26/2015.