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== Featured Content ==
== Featured Content ==
[[file:BlankPhoto.png|79x86px|left|frame]] '''[[Jakob Henderson]]''', first American ancestor of the Henderson family.
[[file:FemaleBlankPhoto.png|79x86px|left|frame]] '''[[Martha Anna Schreibel]] - Henderson''', Wife of [[Samuel Klaus Henderson|Samuel Henderson]] and author of the Diary of Martha A. Henderson.
Born in Petworth, West Sussex, England on April 2, 1770. The son of an itinerant carpenter. He married [[Elsa Huerta]] in 1792 in Petworth. He died on November 21, 1841 from pneumonia in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Jakob and Elsa had one child, [[Samuel Klaus Henderson|Samuel Klaus]] born on November 26, 1801 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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Featured Content

Martha Anna Schreibel - Henderson, Wife of Samuel Henderson and author of the Diary of Martha A. Henderson.


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