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There are currently six individual series based on time periods and six stories in production.


The Early Times Series

Foundation is the first book in the Early Times series and contains the base characters of the Henderson family. At the start we are in Philidelphia. Jakob and his young wife, Elsa are penniless and awaiting the birth of their first child.

Joseph Builds a Farm is about the actual founding of the future Maple Grove by Joseph Henderson. This story is where we get a good look at the land holdings and meet 2 new characters, Frenchy LaRoach and his woman.

The Farmer's Market Series

The Homestead A young family arrives and takes up residence in the new village of Henderson's Market.

Banker Babcock A young entrepreneur, Edwin Babcock, arrives in Henderson's Market looking for a good place to open a bank.

The Maple Grove Village Series

None Yet

Boom and Bust Series

None Yet

Out of the Ashes Series

Cityscapes and Patrols is the first story in the WOMG series.

Maple Grove Today Series

TO BE CONTINUED contains a modern story love and loss in the Vietnam War years.