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Martha Anna Schreibel - Henderson, Wife of Samuel Henderson and author of the Diary of Martha A. Henderson.

Martha married Samuel at age 19 and followed him to the farm with two of their three children. At the start of the journey she began the journal that has become the primary source for all the early history. The Diary has been used to write both a children's school reading book and several books on the individual founders of the area.

She was the mother of James Walter, Mary Elizabeth and Joseph Amos.

Upon the deaths of Joseph and Hanna, and for many additional years, the family gathered records of the founding of Maple Grove and other memorabilia. In 1929 they helped to form the Maple Grove Historical Society and donated all the collections and holdings to the new museum. A foundation was formed to oversee and care for the legacy named The Joseph & Hanna Circle and today acts as an advisory committee to the society board.

Did You Know . . .

  • In 1921 Frank Boyer and his partner Arthur Frome opened a small variety shop specializing in electrical and radio components and specialized hardware and called it B&F Light and Sound?

It catered to those needing electric light installation and fixtures. Many of the young tinkerers in early radio bought their supplies here.

Today Boyer Communications Corporation is a privately owned communications corporation providing media services in and around the Maple Grove metropolitan area.