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The Maple Grove Project

Maple Grove is a small, fictitious, town in the USA where the exact location is never mentioned. Any activity outside the city limits is never presented in live action or dialog, only mentioned in discussion or in character event documents.

All residents as well as any events are fictitious unless duly noted in the MG Pedia.

Design and Style

The basic design of the project is based on a Wiki of facts and histories with the stories formatted in PDF and Interactive Fiction formats.

The individual story work is developed here in the MAIN section of the MGPedia and then formatted for reading on the main website.

Current Work

1. Updating the wiki from original notes.

Future Tasks

1. Design a mapping format.

Project Staff

Project Manager: Mike Gagnon - My Talk Page

Art & Media Director: Suzanne Gagnon Price


Mike Gagnon - My Talk Page


Mike Gagnon - My Talk Page

Suzanne Gagnon Price


Mike Gagnon - My Talk Page

Michael McDaniel - My Talk Page