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My current activities!

My current activities!

Activity Blog

28 March 2024 - Starting this week I will be bringing the past work I have been doing from 2022.

3 February 2024 - I'm back!

31 January 2022 - I'm hobbled again by everything else! Looks like I need to struggle outside of the wiki and squeeze in ideas on my own computer logs of this project again.

2 January 2022 - I'm free to begin updates again!

22 April 2021 - Due to the reopening of the VFW post I'm commander of, this wiki is going to be worked on in a slow pace.

22 January 2021 - Finished adding 2 new characters All of these character will be used in the Marsh Mallow GTV program, Episode 1 - Pilot "The Case of Alice Blue Gowan"

  1. Jasper Horace Madison, III
  2. Lorinda Florence Madison

20 February 2020 - Due to the current COVID19 pandemic lockdown I am able to do some cleanup and additions to this wiki.

4 February 2015 - I'm running a review and repair day. Looking for errors and spelling/grammer mistakes.

31 January 2015 - I've been very involved in animation projects and Veterans Service work for the past weeks and have been lax in working on the pedia. I'll pick it up again in February.

7 January 2015 - Finished adding the NS character set.

  1. Matilda (Matty) Murphy
  2. Brian William Mitchell
  3. Laura Anne Hess-Mitchell
  4. Gary Mitchell
  5. Timothy Mitchell
  6. Carolyn Harriet McDonald-Carmichael

5 January 2015 - Started adding Never Ending Summer Series (NS) characters to be used for planned 1950' era stories.

  1. Jenny Lee Petersen
  2. Mark Walter Petersen
  3. Margret Mary Murphy-Petersen
  4. Billy Brian Mitchell
  5. Diane Carol Reese
  6. Stanley Cosgrove
  7. Rosco Gordon Barnes

1 January 2015 - Added more Character Names. Added Family Groups to the individual People portals so similar family names can be used for non--connected family last names.

19 December 2014 - Added more content to Banker Edwin Babcock.

17 December 2014 - Been putting in a couple of hours cleaning up grammar, spelling and other errors.

6 December 2014 - Wow! It sure has been a long time since I worked on this page. Since August I've been wrapped around getting my house worked on. It seems to be taking all summer to install two windows, a new front door and install new siding. Not to mention tearing down a carport with built in shed and a back porch roof that was rotting away. Now all the work is done and I'm broke until next October when all the debt gets paid. Until then I guess I'll just put in some serious work on the old Maplepedia.

I changed my personal writing software set from Storybook and Open Office to yWriter5 and LibreOffice. yWriter is easier and more functional then Storybook without the begging for donations and LibreOffice seems to get better updates and bug fixes then Open Office. It has a nicer feel too. As soon as I get the yWriter story bible info up to date I'll begin growing the pedia entries.

5 August 2014 - This month I'm concentrating on Characters. The need back stories and basic events to lock them together. I'll be using Cmap Tools Knowledge Model software, from the Florida Institute for Human and Machine Cognition and FreeMind open source software, to map and model the family groups. This will help me catch anomalies and mistakes in relationships, dates and events.

2 May 2014 - The wiki has most of its structure in place and needs to be crossed checked to move dates into the time-line pages. Since this summer is going to be busy I'll mostly do clean-up and cross referencing.

6 December 2013 - Today I began working on moving my old notes into these pages. As I work a topic in I need to build much of the wiki structure.

I need to get some help creating Photos for the people pages. They are currently using this BlankPhoto.png in the mean time.

Family of the Month

January 2015 - Babcock

December 2014 - Babcock

November 2014 - Henderson

October 2014 - Henderson

September 2014 - Henderson

August 2014 - Henderson