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All About Me

I started Maple Grove in the late 1990's as a way to teach new inturns about land records and mapping techniques they would need to work in GIS (Geographic Information Systems) and GPS.

When I retired in 2005 I had been tinkering with the small town I created and decided that it would be fun to use it as a base for writing stories. I had an old script project called "Henderson Heights" and I incorporated it into the Maple Grove model. It originally was a soap opera format like the ones I saw as a kid in the 1950's but to give the town a good base I moved the characters to 1870 and used them as founders of Maple Grove.

So many things needed to be coordinated. So I decided to do it in HTML so I could create links to the base data on who, what, when and why. I used an intra-net I set up on a laptop on my network to drive the project. It then was updated to PHP and CSS2 as it grew and got more complected. I needed a better way to split the knowledge base and the stories.

I needed a wiki. So here we are. It has turned into a real worldwide story land.

The Wiki is closed to all but a few users to insure that the data stays clean and the history isn't corrupted buy any stories using the base are allowed. If someone wants to add to the world or history or report errors they need to contact the webmaster of the Maple Grove project.

We are still in the process of building the site and converting the data so bear with us for awhile. Check my TALK page for updates and project dates.