Maple Grove Historical Society

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The Maple Grove Historical Society is a private, non-profit educational and cultural institution established in 1929 to preserve and share Maple Grove history. The Society collects, preserves and tells the story of Maple Grove's past through interactive and engaging museum exhibits, extensive libraries and collections, 3 historic sites, educational programs and book publishing.


Membership levels:

  • $20 Individual (benefits for one adult)
  • $15 Senior Individual (age 65+)
  • $30 Household (benefits for two adults and children under 18)
  • $25 Senior Household (age 65+)
  • $50 Associate
  • $100 Contributing
  • $250 Sustaining
  • $500+ The Friends of Joseph & Hanna Circle recognizes donors making gifts of $1,000 and more to the Society's Annual Fund