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Maple Grove is an Imaginary Virtual Community and this MGPedia contains a collection of information describing the who, what, when, where and why of the town.


Maple Grove is an online virtual story community. The main idea is to take a basic story of the founding of an American town and track all the historical information. Then begin to fill in all the locations, people, events, time periods and other pertinent information so other stories can be created. None of the Maple Grove information or physical objects are real.

The purpose of this encyclopedia is to document, help track all the creations and then tie them together in the form of an on-line wikipedia. As users read stories on the web site they will be able to follow links to characters and other information in each event. They can then jump to this MGPedia link for even more information about any of the events parts, people, locations, etc.

In addition, when a new story or event is being written the MGPedia can act as a research base for the creator. This ensures that all information can be synchronized with any new fact, place, person-family, or organization. As these are created they can then be submitted to this MGPedia database.

World of Maple Grove, WOMG

WOMG contains the base history, locations and characters used for individual stories not directly connected to the main historic story line (i.e., The Founder Series). If there is a direct link to anyone or any storyline connected with the Henderson family or anyone in their social world it will not be called a WOMG project but rather be tracked as historic Maple Grove.


This site has been quiet for a very long time. Starting today, 3/28/2024, I am starting to bring it all up to date. It will continue to be about Maple Grove and WOMG as it exists but itwill now reflect the work being done with games, and Animations as well as current and new stories about the folks.